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Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer
Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer

Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer

Phoenix criminal defense lawyer, Brian Soto and the team at SOTO-LAW PLLC, zealously defends their clients; because we recognize that the scales of justice weigh disproportionately against those accused of committing a crime in Arizona. It is important to have a knowledgeable Phoenix criminal defense lawyer representing you or your loved one when facing criminal charges in Phoenix as Arizona has some of the toughest criminal sentencing guidelines in the nation. Allow an experienced Phoenix criminal defense lawyer from SOTO-LAW to assist you in understanding and navigating the complex criminal justice process.

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To mount a successful defense against the charges, you need an advocate with experience, finesse, and a relentless approach. At SOTO-LAW, our Phoenix criminal defense lawyers will dedicate the time required to obtain the best possible result. Through years of experience as a Phoenix criminal defense lawyer we’ve learned that at times even good people make poor decisions.

Avoid Harsh Consequences

At SOTO-LAW we aim to minimize the effect and consequences of those poor decisions. A criminal conviction can include very serious consequences and repercussions including; fines, jail time, and prison. Even a petty misdemeanor conviction can wreck havoc on your life. A conviction can have negative repercussions on not only your driver’s license, but your professional license, and future employment as well. Even if you’re fortunate enough to avoid serving jail time, a criminal conviction can set your life back years. If you’ve been arrested or charged with a crime in Arizona, call the Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyers at SOTO-LAW today! We’ll aggressively defend you to avoid the harsh consequences of a criminal conviction.

As top Phoenix criminal defense lawyers, we will fight for an outright dismissal. If the evidence doesn’t permit a dismissal, we’ll do everything in our power to obtain the most just and favorable resolution possible. Ultimately if a fair and just resolution cannot be obtained, we’ll formulate a strategic defense strategy to present at trial.

Personalized Service

 Selecting an experienced Phoenix criminal defense lawyer is critical to securing a favorable outcome for your case. We are known for our aggressive stance when necessary, yet we also understand the importance of finesse when negotiating with prosecutors for a favorable result. We adopt a strategic approach, which includes dedicating the time and effort to meticulously examine every detail to find issues which strengthen our defense against the pending charges. We only advocate for our clients to plead guilty when it is truly in their best interest.

Billingual Lawyers & Staff

At SOTO-LAW PLLC, our experienced Phoenix criminal defense lawyers and staff speak both English and Spanish fluently; allowing us to better serve you and your loved ones.

 Types of Cases We Handle

The large majority of our case load involve very serious and complex drug trafficking cases which often times involve multiple co-defendants indicted through wiretap investigation. However, no case is too small nor too large for the Phoenix criminal defense lawyers at SOTO-LAW. The Phoenix criminal defense lawyers at SOTO-LAW handle a wide variety of criminal cases, including but not limited to:


Aggravated Assault Alien Smuggling Burglary Conspiracy Domestic Violence
Drug Trafficking Drug Possession DUI Federal Crimes Forgery
Homicide Illegal Control of Enterprise Illegal Re-Entry Manslaughter Misconduct Weapons
Money Laundering Sex Crimes Shoplifting Theft Unlawful Discharge

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