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Specific Information Drug Use Test
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The drug consumption test is a very important legal resource to establish whether or not a person is drugged and thus, in accordance with the law, seek an opportunity for rehabilitation with the help of an expert lawyer in criminal defense for drug possession. Keep reading to learn what you need to know about drug screening and testing in Phoenix.

The truth is that drug trafficking is one of the worst scourges worldwide that directly attacks the youth, the family, society and the economy around the world, so it is important to contact a lawyer who specializes in criminal defense.

There are different methods to fight this social cancer, among them repressive and punitive actions to eradicate the big mafias and also preventive measures with the objective of rehabilitating the consumers.

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Drug Consumption

The consumption of illicit drugs is punishable by law worldwide due to the terrible harmful effects they bring, including rampant addiction, health collapse due to multiple cases of overdose, the very high level of violence and criminality that comes with drug use or drug possession, the terrible effects at the social level and the enormous damage at the economic level. If you have been through this, it is recommended that you contact a Soto Law criminal defense attorney.

In order to curb consumption and prevent the spread of this social scourge, worldwide there are laws that punish the consumption, trafficking and distribution of illicit drugs, as well as the manufacture and manufacture of processed drugs or the cultivation of plants from which the basic components are extracted, for example, marijuana, coca or poppy.

In addition, measures have been implemented at the educational level to inform and warn young people of the terrible danger. There are also preventive measures aimed at confirming that citizens remain free of drug use or possession of drugs, among them is the drug consumption test. An attorney such as Soto Law will help you prevent any type of legal problems related to drugs.

Drug Use Test

The drug use test or drug possession test is designed to verify that a person does not have drugs in his or her system and therefore is not an addict. In Phoenix, such a drug screening is usually performed on a random or systematic basis and is also voluntary or mandatory, depending on who is being tested and why.

Usually, this type of drug test in Phoenix is given to employees or other very specific individuals, including students, athletes, members of the military, government officials, patients of rehabilitation institutions, operators of dangerous vehicles such as pilots or truck drivers, and especially suspects before the law, such as ex-convicts.

In Phoenix, these drug tests can involve a blood, urine, saliva, hair, or sweat analysis, all of which the urine test is the most commonly used because it is usually the most effective and can quickly detect the use of many drugs from up to 4 days prior.

Hair analysis is much more accurate, it can detect the presence of drugs up to 100 days earlier, but it is only used for forensic purposes because it is very expensive and does not provide immediate results.

However, it is important to note that these tests are not 100% accurate.

The urine test, for example, usually gives incomplete results, and in some particular cases, even gives incorrect results by detecting a false positive. This usually happens if the test is not designed for a specific drug, if the urine is too diluted, if the person added something to alter the result, etc.

In legal and judicial cases, these tests are usually binding in the investigations carried out by competent authorities, especially the agency that fights drug trafficking at the federal level. In the event that you are subjected to any type of drug screening in the Phoenix area, or if you are arrested for drug possession, you can seek advice from the attorneys at Soto Law.

Drug Enforcement Administration

The Drug Enforcement Administration, better known as the DEA, is the U.S. federal agency in charge of combating the trafficking, smuggling and consumption of illegal drugs within the United States, as well as money laundering, money laundering and the financial operations of frontmen and other “dollar launderers” involved.

This federal agency operates under the direct orders of the U.S. Department of Justice and currently exercises joint operations inside and outside this Nation, with the purpose of providing advice and assistance to other countries, especially in those where drugs are processed or function as a “bridge” of operations for international drug trafficking.

Such is the power and influence that the DEA often wields inside and outside the United States that the agency’s director is often nicknamed “The Drug Czar” (drug czar).

Arizona Drug Testing Laws

Legally these drug tests for employees in Phoenix are performed in the workplace to check if the employee does use drugs, and if so, what type of drugs. In universities, they are used to check that students are clean or to check for drug possession (especially scholarship students). In sports facilities and clubs, these tests are used to check for antidoping (drug detection) and in police cases, they are used when arresting a suspect for drug manufacturing.

In this regard the laws are clear: federally there is no way to evade such testing by invoking invasion of privacy or constitutional rights.

However, such testing cannot be retroactive, i.e., the result of a previous test cannot automatically be used later; it must always be for individual, exclusive and specific cases.

In the case of federal employees, mandatory and periodic testing is required at all levels, departments, and government offices. All federal employees in Arizona, including in Phoenix, must submit to drug screening.

According to Arizona law, drug testing must be applied to any company with more than 15 employees and can be applied to any suspect arrested by the authorities or any ex-convict charged with a specific crime and depending on the amount of drugs. If you find yourself in any of these cases you can contact Soto Law for legal advice on whether it is necessary for you to undergo drug testing or drug testing, on the other hand to a drug use test by a health professional with blood tests.

Why Do You Have Drug Tests?

There are a number of both legal and practical reasons for subjecting citizens to toxicology testing.

In the medical case, all patients undergoing a period of rehabilitation, whether voluntary or court-ordered, must undergo periodic toxicology testing to rule out illegal drug use and avoid overdose depending on the amount of the drug.

In the case of psychological patients, toxicology testing is often implemented to prevent depressed patients from seeking suicide by ingesting barbiturates or high-impact sedatives such as methamphetamine or morphine.

How Is Drug Use Testing Done?

In Phoenix, the drug screening can be performed in a number of ways, either by urinating into a container, drawing a blood sample, examining a hair, saliva or sweat sample and submitting that sample to a series of reagents that will determine whether or not illegal drugs are present and which one or ones were detected.

Generally these tests are analyzed in specific laboratories previously chosen for their quality and impartiality to avoid conflicts of interest, especially in criminal cases where both the prosecution and the defense receive the results carefully discriminated according to drug possession, that is why you should contact a lawyer even if you do not intend to distribute.

Drug Attorneys

Currently, drug charges can be punishable by light penalties or even disciplinary sanctions such as community service or mandatory rehabilitation to avoid jail time.

However, although the penalties for drug use may be lighter, they can have very serious consequences.

An example of this is the loss of a job or a scholarship, or even the loss of the right to stay in the United States in the case of a foreign citizen.

For this reason, it is necessary to have the advice of an attorney with experience in drug charges who can obtain alternative penalties such as community service, rehabilitation or even cooperation with the authorities, as long as the charges are only for possession with intent for personal recreational use. For that Soto Law specializes in drug crimes, do not hesitate to contact them as it can be a low class misdemeanor. All rights reserved.

Drug Crimes Attorneys

On the contrary, the crimes of drug possession with intent to sell or distribute are considered very serious worldwide, first because it is the trade of lethal and highly addictive and harmful substances that cause great harm to society, and secondly because of the criminality and violence involved in the sale and distribution of illegal drugs.

For this reason, it is essential to have a specialized defense lawyer, in this case, a criminal lawyer with extensive experience in drug charge laws, in legal strategy and with all the necessary knowledge to prove the innocence of his client, or failing that, to obtain the necessary mitigating factors to minimize the sentence.

Among the virtues that a criminal defense lawyer must have is the ability to be a skilled litigator and to have at his disposal a professional team in all areas of the case with the objective of obtaining evidence of acquittal to declare the innocence of his client.

In conclusion, the criminal defense lawyer must have a strong background in the legal system, with outstanding and proven experience litigating in court and with all the updated knowledge of the difficult and ever-changing legal framework in all areas of illegal drug trafficking.

The objective is none other than to offer an efficient and effective defense strategy to negotiate with prosecutors and obtain the best options for their clients, either to avoid a prison sentence or in the worst-case scenario a short sentence. All rights reserved.

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